Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One month of shooting one Polaroid a day!

Today is officially one month since the start of my task to shoot a different Polaroid each day.

Of course, in some instances circumstances have dictated that I've had to upload old shots.

Today, sadly, was one of those days after I spent the afternoon having my body wracked after some dodgy Vongole pasta (basically, pasta with clams, chilli, parsley and tomatoes - can you guess what the trouble ingredient might be?).

It was just gross, gross, gross and after four hours after getting home, I'm starting to feel okay now.

But none the less, today's milestone is a special one, so it demands a special shot, shot on special film.

Pulled out of my big shoebox of shots, this was taken a few weeks back where I shot about four packs in the space of an hour when an entire convoy of classic Australian vintage and muscle cars was lined up on the foreshore around the corner from our place.

One month down, 11 to go!

To check out the first month (and counting depending on when you see this post) just click the picture above or click here.