Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some film thoughts

When it comes to cross processed film for the Holga, it's hard to go past Kodak EPP, in particular EPT if you really want punchy blues. Originally I had only seen the shots off this roll as negatives so decided to get hard copies done at Mirage. While I was prepared for the images, I wasn't ready for the amazingly deep blues.

So, anyone got bulk quantities of EPT they want to sell?

This is a negative scan from one of the rolls of expired Velvia50 I shot at the South Perth fiesta. I've learned the hard way that with Velvia that you need to set the ISO a little lower than 50 or overexpose a little bit to make up the film's lack of detail in the dark areas.

Still, nice film and the rolls were a great example of what the Pentax67 is capable of.