Sunday, March 29, 2009

Unwrapped at South Perth Fiesta 2009

It doesn't matter how much cool content there is online: there's nothing like going out and exposing yourself to great new local artists.

As part of this weekend's South Perth Fiesta, unwrapped: the marketplace gave local designers the chance to show off their crafts and wares.

I can't think of too many situations (or outfits) that I'd wear them with, but I dug the art on these two button packs so much, I had to get them.

The top pack is a collection of five animal-inspired illustrations from Niina Aooki while the bottom three pack is the work of the equally talented Ali J.

There's two more local artists I'll be following (I've added their blogs to my blogroll on the sidebar too).

Additionally, through their sites, I've discovered a couple of other interesting Perth-based movements that might be of interest to fellow West Australians.

The first of these is Made On The Left which is dedicated to showcasing local talent. They're holding a market in Bunbury in April which sounds like a tonne of fun.

Second is an upcoming show being run by the arterial_collective which Ali is a part of. The show is called dRaw and looks like something well worth checking out.

On top of these discoveries, I also had the opportunity to photograph a LOT of vintage cars. I burned through four packs of Polaroid film in about an hour as well as three rolls of 220 Velvia50 which I shot with my recently acquired Pentax 67.

Looking forward to dropping the rolls off at Mirage this week and even more so to getting them back at the end of the week!