Sunday, March 29, 2009

The end... of daylight saving

This latest daylight saving trial - which ends today - has been an interesting period for me.

Initially, I was staunchly opposed to it: Perth is bloody hot enough without the need for more daylight hours at the end of the day, but it's been a good summer with plenty of time spent at the beach and in the surf.

The trick is to stay away from "beautiful people" and crowded parts of the coastline and just enjoy nature in more laidback surrounds free of posers and young punks.

I've always felt if you want more daylight, why not do it in winter?

Also, the patriotic part of me has always hated the fact that we'd shift our clocks forward an hour just so we'd be "closer to the Eastern States": like most West Australians, I hate the thought that we're so "behind" our sophisticated east coast compatriots.

We all go to vote in the referendum some time in May (I really should know as I interviewed premier Colin Barnett for an opinion piece on the whole affair - did you know that for the same amount that it'll cost to hold this referendum, the State government could have built almost two new schools? Thanks Matt Birney and John d'Orazio!) and I'm pretty sure I'll be no-voting, but not too plussed which way it goes to be frank.

I feel sorry that the people who do want it will be affected by the, say, 60 per cent of people who are completely indifferent and will probably vote no just because we fear change, but that's the breaks.

Though to be honest with you, I wouldn't at all be surprised if a new bill pops up further down the line tweaking the daylight saving question and changing the period.... but that's just my guess. I'm no Robert Harvey!

In other photography related news: my first Polaroid book should be out soon'ish! I'll be spamming the usual channels but watch this space of my flickr for more details.

I'm waiting for the proof to come back and trying to organise some sort of launch, so maybe May'ish? Just in time for my 30th!