Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chairlift Daytrotter Session

Back from a hectic 24 hours in Melbourne. It was full on but a lot of fun and was well worth it to get to interview Heston Blumenthal.

My friend at Sony flicked on an email about this new band called Chairlift which had this to say about them:

Chairlift, a multi-instrumental three-piece, currently hailing from Brooklyn, New York, play a thoughtful, dream-filled pop music, combining the timelessness of unforgettable melody with spare and sophisticated production, a meta-psychedelic worldview, and a classical avant-garde sensibility resolutely and merrily embracing the future.

A bit of a mouthful but I was intrigued and loved what I heard. For those who love mellow psych-tinged music, give this a go. The track I downloaded "Somewhere around here" reminds me a lot of the B -side to this Poets of Rhythm 45 I have in my record collection.

Give the tracks a listen by clicking here.