Friday, October 5, 2012

Gosling's Family Reserve Rum

Well look who remembered his Blogger password. Life happens. Blogs get neglected. It’s a recurring theme. I hope you’ll find it in your e-hearts to forgive. A peace offering of sorts, a few thoughts on a premium rum I hadn’t seen around these parts. Champagne bottle. Hand-numbered. Dipped in black wax (hence the Gosling's "black seal" name). All things that denote something special. And pricey. Maybe this might be of interest to Perth locals eying off a bottle (I bought this at the excellent Raffles Liquor Merchants on Canning Bridge) or anyone completing some pre-purchase recon via Google. Atypical rum aromas of nuts and honey. Based on olfactory and visual cues, I’d probably believe you if you told me this was a glass of muscat. Entry in the mouth is very gently-gently with little spirituous thwack (this is a 40%ABV bottling). Refined isn’t a word one normally associates with brown spirits but in this case I’d think long and hard about allowing it. Gingerbread through the finish together with a handful of similar flavours. Long, assured, hard to see where the joins are. A rum whose flavours fall somewhere between the vegetative lift of agricoles and the flavour king-hit of older rums. Not quite well-priced, but still glad to have it in the collection.