Saturday, March 7, 2009

From bad to good

Thanks to our place needing to ready for "real estate purposes" by 11 in the AM, any hope of a restful, lazy Saturday was dashed.

Good thing I say. When you work full-time, you don't want to start getting lax with having a day to relax just after putting in 40-plus hours.

Suffice to say the above put me in a foul mood. Those who know me know that I can be a real pain in the arse when I'm in a foul mood (and also when not). This morning was no exception.

Thankfully, some second-hand shopping this afternoon fixed all that and after a visit to a couple of antique stores and a bookstore, I have enough reading material and inspiration to keep me going for some time.

Got home, went for a dip in the pool in our complex and then walked down to the shops to buy some stuff for dinner.

There's cold wine in the fridge as well as a selection of different beers.

The day has certainly taken a marked turn for the better.

The scan above is a note I found in this book I bought for the bargain sum of a buck called The Umpire's Story which is a collection of cricket ump Lou Rowan's more memorable moments.

The note was wedged somewhere towards the back of the book - being used as a bookmark I'd wager - and comes from a West Australian hospital affectionately known as Charlies.

Incidentally, Charlies is home to the very emergency ward I've been dragging myself to (or more correctly, Marie has been dragging me to) whenever I've woken up in the middle of the night wracked in horrible pain.

There's a chance that I've sat in the same seat or ward in the hospital that this book once upon a time had too.

I love finding odd tidbits like this in second-hand books. Not just reading material, tomes and novels can also play the role of time machine - if you're lucky.

Like I said, the day has taken a turn for the better.

This glass of Trumer Pils should help steer it in that direction nicely.